Red Lake and Ear Falls Community Infrastructure


The areas medical needs are provided through the Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital in Red Lake as well as medical clinics in both Red Lake and Ear Falls.  Both communities offer a range of other services including ambulance, dental, and scheduled visits for special needs.

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The area has excellent eductional facilities provided by  the public and separate school boards.  Schools in Ear Falls and Red Lake provide a full range of facilities from JK to grade 12.  Adult and distance educational, and special needs education services are also available in the area.

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Red Lake and Ear Falls are accessed via Hwy 105 which connects to the Trans Canada Hwy 17 at Vermilion Bay.  Both communities have municipal airports. The Red Lake Airport is open year-round and has daily scheduled flights.

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Communications services include telephone (Bell Canada), Cable TV, Internet (up to 20 Mps and Cable), Teleconference, 1 regional and 1 national radio station (with local transmission).

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Municipal Services

The Municipality of Red Lake and the Township of Ear Falls provide modern services to their communities. 
Other services including power and natural gas are provided by regional/national utilities. Both Red Lake
and Ear Falls also maintain a number of recreational facilities and parks.

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Land and Housing

There is a large variety of available housing (both private and rental) and building lots within both communities from residential units within the main towns to waterfront lots on the major water systems which surround both communities.  Housing is both affordable and readily available in all communities.

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