Arts, Culture & Heritage



The community of Red Lake is rich in arts, heritage, and culture, providing a wide variety of experiences for both locals and visitors including:

The Red Lake Regional Heritage Centre (RLRHC) is the cultural and historical centre for the region. This museum/learning centre celebrates local heritage and culture with events, collections, and interactive exhibits.

Visit the On This Spot website, download the app on your phone and search for Red Lake. This app will take you on an exciting virtual historical tour of the Red Lake community that incudes a highway tour from Vermilion Bay to Red Lake. If you don't have a smart-phone, go to Red Lake ( to take the tour.

Step into the past by following the GPS coordinates on the West Red Rush Tour. This tour is only accessible by water and you will need to travel by boat to the 25 historical sites on the West Red Lake Gold Rush Tour including the volunteer-run West Red Lake Mining Museum.

The Crull Rock and Mineral Collection at the Municipal Office in Balmertown boasts more than 2600 specimens from around the world, including stunning gold samples from the local mines.

Serving both Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities in Red Lake, the Red Lake Indian Friendship Centre is a community-directed organization. The RLIFC has provided workshops in beading, Indigenous cooking, trapping, wildlife butchering, hand drum making & playing, Ojibway language, medicine walks, and many other activities.

The Association francophone de Red Lake, a non-profit organization, provides a variety of cultural activities, workshops, events, and gatherings for francophones, providing opportunities for local French-speaking residents to meet and celebrate their culture.

Since 1976, the local performance group, the Patricia Players, has been bringing both creativity and comedy to their impressive live theatre performances to the Red Lake area.

The Red Lake Family Entertainment Series is a non-profit, community-based, volunteer organization that provides a wide range of entertainment for the entire family.

The Red Lake Wilderness Entertainment Series is a non-profit, community-based, volunteer organization that provides affordable, quality live entertainment, including music, dance, and theatre to the Red Lake area.

The Red Lake Norseman Festival is an annual event celebrating the Municipality's heritage. Norseman fly-bys, float pumping & float plane landing competitions, and aerial displays commemorate the history of the Norseman plane. This event also includes live entertainment, dancing, food, and a display of fireworks over Howey Bay.

The Red Lake Anishinaape Annual Traditional Pow Wow takes place in June at Keesic Beach on the shore of Red Lake. This event is a significant cultural gathering, celebrating Indigenous traditions with dancing, music, and fellowship.

Throughout the year, the area of Red Lake is entertained by various other groups and individuals. Red Lake is home to two dance studios, the Homegrown Dance Centre and K.P.'s Dreams Dance Academy, providing both dance instruction and performances. Enjoy the musical performances performed by the community choir, Aurora Chorealus. Red Lake is also home to local talent who perform at concerts, coffee houses, and karaoke events.