Red Lake`s educational institutions offer quality education, current curriculums, excellent programming, and modern facilities. The area has excellent functional facilities provided by the public and separate school boards.  Schools in Red Lake provide a full range of facilities from JK to grade 12.  Adult and distance education, and special needs education services are also available in the area.

Kenora Catholic District School Board operates one public elementary school, 
St. John Separate School, in Red Lake. St. John Separate School in Red Lake services students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8.  L'écote catholique des Étoiles-du-Nord is the French language school in Red Lake.

Keewatin-Patricia District School Board (KPDSB) operates the public school system within the district, operating two public schools and one district high school. All KPDSB educational facilities, within the Red Lake District, have been recently built or upgraded with improvements to both the academic facilities and environmental operating systems. The Red Lake public school system consists of two public elementary schools - Red Lake-Madsen Public School and Golden Learning Centre - offering classes from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. Secondary School students attend Red Lake District High School which offers classes from Grade 9 to Grade 12. 

Other educational and training opportunities in the Red Lake area include:

Apatisiwin is an alternative secondary school program targeting urban aboriginal secondary students.

Red Lake District Learning Centre's purpose is, "to assist and support adults in our communities by offering programs that will improve their English language and basic skills to achieve greater independence and participation in their community and workplace."

Contact North allows post-secondary students to take virtual in-person courses or programs delivered by a network of educational institutions.

The Red Lake Campus of Confederation College offers a wide range of virtual programs to meet the educational and training requirements of the Red Lake area.

Harmony Centre for Community Living provides community-orientated programs for individuals with a developmental disability in the Red Lake and Ear Falls Districts. They provide appropriate work experiences, life skills development, and both supported employment & living opportunities.


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#1 Legion Rd, Red Lake, ON
PO Box 244, Red Lake, ON P0V 2M0 
Phone: 807-727-2847 Ext 236

Balmertown Public Library

Location: 12 Fifth Street, Balmertown, ON
PO Box 280, Balmertown, Ontario P0V 1C0 
Phone: 807-735-2110

Balmertown Early Learning

Toddlers, Preschool, JK/SK, School Age (12 months)

16 Mine Road, Balmertown, ON
(Located inside the Golden Learning Centre)
PO Box 1000, Balmertown, Ontario P0V 1C0
Childcare Operator: Kenora District Services Board
Phone: 807-735-2088

Confederation College

Red Lake Campus

Location: 60B Hwy 105, Red Lake, ON
Phone: 807-223-3035 ext. 2

Contact North

Location: 60B Hwy. 105
PO Box 1340, Red Lake, ON P0V 2M0
Toll Free: 1-877-999-9149

CSDC des Aurores Boréales

French-language District School Board serving
francophone students in northwestern Ontario

175,  Rue High Nord, Thunder Bay, ON P7A 8C7
Telephone 807-344-2266
Sans Frais 800-367-0874



École cathlique des Étoiles-du-Nord

Location: 54 Discovery Road, Red Lake, ON
PO Box 249, Red Lake, ON   P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-3108

Golden Learning Centre

Location: 16 Eric Radford Way, Balmertown, ON
Balmertown, ON P0V 1C0
Phone: 807-735-2088

Harmony Centre

Supported Employment Program Agency
for Adults with Disabilities

PO Box 906, Red Lake, ON P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-3945


Keewatin Patricia District School Board

Kenora - Head Office
Location: 4th Floor - 240 Veterans Drive,  Kenora, ON P9N 3Y5
Phone: 807-468-5571   Toll Free: 877-275-7771
Red Lake Office: 807-727-3405


Kenora Catholic District School Board

Location: 1292 Heenan Place, Kenora, ON P9N 2Y8
Phone: 807-468-9851


Moozoons Childcare Centre

Ages: 0 -12 years of age

Operated by: Red Lake Indian Friendship Centre
1 Legion Road (behind OPP station), Red Lake, ON
Phone: 807-727-3000, ext 235

Polle Translations

French, English, and Spanish
English translation, revision

Contact: Kate Polle
Phone: 204-930-9302

Red Lake Adult Learning Centre

Location: 232 Howey Street, Red Lake
PO Box 505, Red Lake, Ontario P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-3207

Red Lake Career & Employment

Location: 146 Howey Street, Red Lake, ON
PO Box 223, Red Lake, ON P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-2297
Contact: Sandra Marshall

Red Lake District High School

Location: Hwy 105, Red Lake, ON
PO Box 310, Red Lake, Ontario P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-2092
Co-op Office: 807-727-2883

Red Lake Early Learning

Location: 201 Howey Street, Red Lake, Ontario
(Located in the Red Lake-Madsen Public School)
PO Box 1000, Balmertown, ON P0V 1C0
Childcare Operator: Kenora District Services Board
Phone: 807-727-2411
Ages: Toddlers, Preschool, JK/SK, School Age (12 months)

Red Lake Madsen Public School

Location: 201 Howey Street, Red Lake, ON
PO Box 319, Red Lake, ON P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-2331

Red Lake Public Library

Location: 117 Howey Street, Red Lake, ON
PO Box 348, Red Lake, Ontario P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-2230

St. John's Early Learning

54 Discovery Road, Red Lake, ON
(Located inside St. John's Catholic School)
Red Lake, Ontario P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-2991

St. John Catholic School

Location: 54 Discovery Road
P.O. Box 888, Red Lake, Ontario P0V2M0
Phone: 807-727-2365