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Red Lake is serviced by a switch, which is a switch office. Long distance or network services are provided by fibre optic cable
Bell Canada provides telephone service to Red Lake.
The business office is located in Thunder Bay and handles service requests and can be reached by a toll free number.
TbayTel is the local mobility service provider to the Ear Falls and Red Lake area


Ear Falls and Red Lake are connected with 3 internet providers: Bell Canada, Shaw Cable Internet Services and TbayTel
Shaw Cable offers cable modem service through its local cable network,


Newspapers in Circulation

  1. The Northern Sun News  -Local Publication
  2. The Red Lake Review  - Local Publication
  3. The Dryden Observer
  4. Kenora Enterprise
  5. Thunder Bay Times-News
  6. Winnipeg Free Press
  7. Toronto Globe and Mail

Broadcasting Radio

  1. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) broadcasts at AM 690 (Ear Falls) and FM 90.5 (Red Lake)
  2. CBOI (Ear Falls Station) broadcasts on the CBC channel.
  3. The regional radio station CKDR transmits on FM 92.5 (Ear Falls) and FM 97.1 (Red Lake).