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Ambulance Service

Hwy 105, Red Lake


a place without walls psychotherapy

Red Lake


Community Counselling & Addiction Services

146 Howey Street, Red Lake


C.N.I.B Ivan the EYE VAN

comes annually (last week of July)


Crisis Response Service

24 Hour Service


Ear Falls Community Health Centre

25 Spruce Street, Ear Falls


Ear Falls Dental Office

25 Spruce Street, Ear Falls


Dr. Colin Knudsen, Optometrist

2 Howey Bay Road, Red Lake


Firefly - Child and Youth Services

201 Howey Street, Red Lake


Northwood Lodge Extended Care Facility

51 Hwy 105, Red Lake


Northwestern Health Unit

234 Howey Street, Red Lake


Paramed Home Care Services

53 - Hwy 105, Red Lake


Red Lake Dental Clinic

172 Howey Street, Red Lake


Red Lake Family Health Team
Diabetes Clinic (RN #200, Dietician #201) 

51 Hwy 105, Red Lake


Red Lake Home Support for Seniors

Hwy 105, Red Lake


Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Hospital

51 Hwy 105, Red Lake


Red Lake Medicals Occupational Health


Red Lake Pharmacy

51G - Hwy 105, Red Lake


Screen for Life Coach 

Breast, cervical & colon cancer screening services (once a year)


Smile More Mobile Dental Hygiene

Red Lake


Sunset Chiropractic Clinic

140 Howey Street, Red Lake



Red Lake Family Health Team

The Goldcorp Red Lake Regional Medical Clinic located off Hwy 105 in Red Lake adjacent to the Hospital provides daily health services to the Red Lake District.  Seven physicians provide services from the clinic in conjunction with the Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital.

Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital

The hospital is an 18-bed modern facility that serves a population of approximately 4100 and employs 95 people including seven physicians.  The hospital provides inpatient acute care, inpatient chronic care, 24-hour emergency care, and low-risk obstetrics.  Endoscopy, telehealth specialist consults, visiting specialty consults, cancer care, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, diagnostic imaging, ultrasound, and laboratory.  Hospital-sponsored programs also include ambulance bases, nutritional counselling, diabetes education, community counselling & addiction services in both Red Lake and Ear Falls, and the Red Lake Career & Employment Services.

Canadian Cancer Society

If you or someone you know has cancer, please contact Katherine at 807-728-0959 and she will be happy to help answer any questions you may have and find any resources and supports you may need.

Please contact Chris at
If you require travel out-of-town for your treatments he will be able to help arrange transportation through Daffodil Air and Wheels of Hope.

Canadian Cancer Society in partnership with the Northern Travel Grant can cover transportation and accommodation costs. Wigs and scarves are available at the Red Lake Margaret Cocheneur Memorial Hospital to lend out to cancer survivors. Please contact the Nursing Department at 727-3811 for more information.

If you require more information please contact the Canadian Cancer Society at 1-800-227-5557 or