Ambulance Service

Hwy 105, Red Lake


Ambulance Service

Spruce Street, Ear Falls


Ear Falls Community Health Centre

25 Spruce Street, Ear Falls


Ear Falls Dental Office

25 Spruce Street, Ear Falls


Eye Care - Optometrist

2 Howey Bay Road, Red Lake


Red Lake Dental Clinic

172 Howey Street, Red Lake


Northwood Extended Care Facility

Hwy 105, Red Lake


Northwestern Health Unit

Howey Street, Red Lake


Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Hospital

Hwy 105, Red Lake


Red Lake Medical Associates

Hwy 105, Red Lake


Red Lake Home Support for Seniors

Hwy 105, Red Lake


Ambulance Service

The Red Lake / Ear Falls Ambulance offers continuous protection 24 hours a day. For emergencies call 911.

Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital

The hospital is an 18-bed modern facility which serves a population of approximately 10,000 and employs 100 people including seven physicians and two associates.  Emergency/Trauma, endoscopy, Telehealth Specialist Consults, visiting specialty consults, complex continuing care, acute care, cancer care, cardiac stress testing, physiotherapy, X-Ray - PACS System, Lab (fully computerized) and shared laundry/maintenance/dietary with Northwood Lodge are among the many services offered.  New programs currently under development include the use of tele-medicine linking heart patients in Red Lake with specialists at the Ottawa Heart Institute for consultation and diagnosis.  Hospital sponsored programs also include ambulance bases, diabetes day care programs, community counselling and addiction services in both Red Lake and Ear Falls, and the Red Lake Career & Employment Services.

Northwood Extended Care Facility

A 32-bed facility providing nursing and physician care to the elderly.  This newly completed facility is adjacent to the Red lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital, for more information call: 727-2323.

Red Lake Medical Associates

The Red Lake Medical Clinic located off hwy 105 in Red Lake adjacent to the Hospital provides daily health services to the Red Lake District.  Seven physicians and two associates provide services from the clinic in conjunction with the Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital.

For more information call: 727-2617 or 727-2751.

Ear Falls Community Health Centre - Ear Falls Family Health Team

The local Medical Clinic has one full time physician and one nurse practitioner.  The medical centre also houses Community Counselling and Addiction Services, Northwestern Health Unit, Firefly and a Dental Office.
For more information call 222-3728.


The Red District is serviced by The Red Lake Dental Clinic at 172 Howey Street in Red Lake. Phone: 727-3220 (Dr. Kostyantyn Bulavintsev, DDS.)

Ear Falls Dental Clinic: Phone: 222-2000 (Dr. Audrey McNamara DDS FRCD (C))

Eye Care 

Dr. Colin Knudsen, Optometrist located at 2 Howey Bay Road - Phone: 727-2849

C.N.I.B Ivan the EYEVAN comes once a year, during the last week of July to the Medical Centre. For more information call 727-2617.

Breast Cancer Screening

The Breast Screening Van comes to town annually.

For information call 1-800-461-7031.

Veterinarian Services 

The Mobile Bus Clinic comes to town in May, June and September, for more information or to make an appointment contact the Dryden Veterinary Services at 807-223-2484.

Hillcrest Animal Clinic is held in the Cochenour Hall every second last Wednesday in January, March, May, July, September and November, for more information or to make an appointment call Tool Free 1-800-465-7223.