With only 16% of Canadian businesses being owned/led by women, the Government of Canada recognizes that advancing women’s economic participation in the economy is good for the country’s bottom line and has set the goal of doubling the number of women-owned/women-led businesses by 2025.

A project to stimulate women-owned and women-led business start-ups and scale-ups by increasing access to business development supports throughout the Northern Ontario region.

  • Enable female entrepreneurs to access professional services they would typically not be able to afford on their own
  • Enable female entrepreneurs to access experts in the transportation sector
  • Provide access to consultants who can assist female entrepreneurs in operating more efficient businesses/realizing cost-saving measures
  • Educate female entrepreneurs with regard to the regulatory requirements involved in exporting goods
  • Provide female entrepreneurs with the opportunity to attend, free of charge, workshops hosted by their local Community Funding Development Corporations

The NOW project will take place from Fall 2019 to Fall 2022 (November 30, 2022) throughout Northern Ontario.

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