Financial Services Brief Overview

The Chukuni Communities Development Corporation has a maximum of $150,000 to invest per business venture. This investment can be in the form of a loan, loan guarantee, or equity participation. Repayment plans can be flexible and tailored to the business's cash flow. The base lending rate is prime +2%; this may be adjusted upwards depending on the risk factor.

Loan applications are presented to and approved by the Business Development Committee at their monthly meetings.  The Business Development Committee is comprised of local community members from our delivery area (Ear Falls and Red Lake) that are interested in helping to facilitate the creation of new businesses and employment.


We offer loans for the following:

  • Business Start-up
  • Business Expansion
  • Purchase of Existing Business
  • Purchase of Assets
  • Working Capital
  • Consolidation of Business Debt

Qualification for Financial Assistance

Feasibility of the business idea:

  • Personal business experience, skills, credibility, and drive
  • Job creation or job preservation
  • Economic impact
  • Risk of investment