About Us


The Chukuni Communities Development Corporation is funded by Industry Canada FedNor for the purpose of creating and maintaining employment through small business development.


The goal of the Chukuni Communities Development Corporation is to help strengthen the economies of the Ear Falls, Red Lake and surrounding area by assisting local entrepreneurs in the development or expansion of a small business.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Chukuni Communities Development Corporation is to support the future and development of the Chukuni area by providing both organizations and individuals with services related to:

  • Business and strategic planning;
  • Facilitation and coordination
  • Loans and funding applications

Vision Statement

The vision of the Chukuni Communities Development Corporation is for the Chukuni area to become the regional centre for Ontario’s far North, and to achieve the economic, social and environmental health and sustainability of the area through planning, decision making, promotion and partnerships which are based upon the community’s values and needs.

Scope of Service

The Chukuni Area of northwestern Ontario is located north of the Trans Canada Highway, 50km east of the Ontario/Manitoba border.  The Municipality of Red Lake is located at the end of Highway 105, 170 km north of the Trans-Canada Highway.  The Municipality is comprised of 5 communities and some 5,000 residents.  The Township of Ear Falls is located 65 km south of Red Lake at the junction of Lac Seul and the English River.  The town is home to 1,100 residents.