Red Lake Hair Salons

Bellezza Hair & Esthetics

Hairstylist, Esthetics

Location: 9 Discovery Road, Red Lake, ON
Contact: Erica Litwin
PO Box 1471, Red Lake, Ontario P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-3333

Cara's House of Hair


Location: 61 Howey Bay Road, Red Lake, ON
Contact: Cara Kosie 
Phone: 807-728-0448

Carla's Clippers


Location: 116 Dellenor Road, Chukuni Subdivision
Contact: Carla Hourie
Phone: 807-735-2260

Coates of Colour

Lash Technician/Makeup Artist

Location: 28 Elliot Street, Cochenour, ON
Contact: Crystal Coates
Phone; 807-220-1700

Gail's Essential Body Care

Location: 61 Dickenson Road Balmertown, ON
Contact: Gail Guilbault
Phone: 807-728-0359

Hairstyling by Lynn

Hairstyling, Waxing, Gel Nails & Retail

Location: 7 Fifth Street, Balmertown, ON
Contact: Lynn Wills
Phone: 807-728-0198

Jacey's Beauty Studio

Lash Extensions

Location: 17 Blende Street, Red Lake, ON
Contact: Jacey Drager
Phone; 807-728-3910

JC - Hairstylist

Location: 14 Discovery Road, Red Lake, ON
Contact: Jennifer Cabral
Phone: 1-807-728-0559

JR - Esthetics


Location: 14 Discovery Road, Red Lake, ON (IGA Plaza)
Contact: Jenna Robinson
Phone: 807-728-2406

Natasha's Hair Today


Location: 145 Howey Street, Red Lake, ON (Tangled Hair Design)
Contact: Natasha Bennett
Phone: 807-728-1094 or 727-2020

Sara's Solutions for Feet

Diabetic Foot Care, Treatment for Fungal Nails etc.

Location: 14 Lakeview Ave, Cochenour, ON
Contact: Sara Ramer-Dean
Phone: 807-662-4527

Studio One


Location: 21 Mill Road, Red Lake, ON
Contact: Janice Munro
PO Box 761, Red Lake, Ontario  P0V 2M0 
Phone: 807-727-1161
Text: 807-728-3104

Tangled Hair Design

Location: 145 Howey Street, Red Lake, ON
Contact: Crystal Mota
PO Box 824, Red Lake, Ontario  P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-2020

Tan on the Run

Studio or Mobile Spray Tan

Contact: Erin Wilson
Phone/Text 807-727-0427
IG: tanontherun_redlake


Meraki Inc. Tattoos

Tattoo Artist

Location: 220 Howey Street, Red Lake, ON
Contact: Chelsie Aniceto
Phone: 807-728-2828