Red Lake Contractor Accommodations

A&D Rentals

Apartment Rentals & Business Rentals

PO Box 147, Red Lake, Ontario P0V 2M0
Contact: Dale Butterfield or Aileen Yakiwchuk 
Phone: 807-727-0319 (Dale) or (807) 727-0567 (Aileen)

Nature's Inn

Forest View Apartments/Pineridge Townhouses

Box 370, 50 Detta Rd., Balmertown, ON   P0V 1C0
Contact:  Tess Hayward or Denise Rogalinski
Phone:   807-735-2636
Toll-free: 866-388-9688



Norseman Annex

      Room and Board Services
Rooms with or without meal plan

Location: 28-B Highway 105, Red Lake, ON, P0V2M0
Contact: Lawrence Shewchuk
Phone: 250-460-2856

Paddle Inn Bed & Breakfast

Short Term Fully Furnished Rentals

Box 1152, 75 Forestry Road, Red Lake, ON P0V 2M0
Contact: Albert and Kelly Rogalinski 
Text: 807-727-2353 or 807-728-2353
Toll-free: 800-591-9282


Red Lake Accommodations

Apartment Rentals

5,7,8,10 Dexter Road, Balmertown
95 Hammell Road, Red Lake                   
Contacts: Rob Baudry       807-727-0521
                Warren Lumgair 807-727-0460