Ear Falls Services: Municipal Government, and Regional Organizations

Canada Post Corporation

Location: Ear Falls Plaza
2 – 30 Spruce Street
General Delivery Ear Falls, Ontario P0V 1T0
Phone: 807-222-3109

KRRD Child & Family Services

Kenora Rainy River Districts
Child & Family Services

Red Lake
201 Howey Street
Red Lake Ontario P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-2165
Fax: 807-727-2645
Toll-Free 1-800-465-1100 24 Hours
Website: https://www.krrcfs.ca/


Communities Development Corp.

The Chukuni Communities Development Corporation
Location: 137 Howey Street, Red Lake, ON 
Contact: Cathy Quesnel-Loessl
PO Box 250, Red Lake, Ontario P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-3275
Fax: 807-727-3285
Website: www.chukuni.com

NWL Health Integration Network

North West Local Health Integration Network
Formerly Community Care Access Centre
Hwy 105, Red Lake, Ontario 
(Located in the Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital)
Box 219, Red Lake, Ontario. P0V 2M0
Phone Numbers: 807-727-3455
Toll-Free: 1-877-661-6621
Fax: 807-727-2484
Website: healthcareathome.ca/northwest/en

Community Counselling

Community Counselling & Addiction Services

Location: 146 Howey Street, Red Lake, ON
Contact: Marcia Scarrow, Director
PO Box 1336, Red Lake, Ontario  P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-1100
Fax:  807-727-3979
Website: www.redlakehospital.ca

EarlyON Child & Family Centre

Contact: Jayme Henderson
Phone: 807-727-3576
Email: earlyonredlake@kdsb.on.ca

Daycare Early Learning Centre

Childcare Operator: Kenora District Services Board
2 Willow Crescent, Ear Falls, ON P0V 1T0
Phone: (807) 222-3163
Email: daycare@ear-falls.com

Ages: Mixed-age Grouping, Toddlers, Preschool, JK/SK, School Age (12 months)

Ontario Clean Water Agency

PO Box 580, Ear Falls, Ontario  P0V 1T0
Phone: 807- 222-3613 
Fax: 807- 222-3031


Centre for Children & Youth

201 Howey St.
PO Box 1190, Red Lake, Ontario,
Phone: 807-727-9064
Fax- 807-727-2686
Web: www.fireflynw.ca
Contact: Children’s Mental Health, Darcia Curtis
email: dcurtis@fireflynw.ca

For Child & Youth services in Northwestern Ontario
CALL:  Centralized Intake at 1-833-696-5437

Hwy 105 Tourism & Marketing

Hwy 105 Tourism & Marketing Board
PO Box 979, Red Lake, Ontario P0V 2M0 
Email: info@hwy105.ca
Website: www.hwy105.ca

The Township of Ear Falls

Municipal Office

Location: 2 Willow Street, Ear Falls, ON
PO Box 309, Ear Falls, Ontario P0V 1T0
Phone: 807- 222-3624
Fax: 807-222-2384
Website: www.ear-falls.com