Barrens North Transportation

Location: #81 Hwy 105 (Near juction Hwy 105 & 125)
Contact: Hugh Moncrief
PO Box 1056, Red Lake, Ontario P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-3533
Phone (shop): 807-727-1107
Fax:  807-727-3097

Barry's Bait & Plow Inc.

Snow Plowing (Winter), Fishing Bait (Summer)

Location: 71 Howey Bay Road, Red Lake, ON
Contact: Barry & Lisa Anderson
PO Box 58, Red Lake, Ontario P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-2591
Fax: 807-727-2591

Before /After Painting Company

Contact: Christine Loughead
PO Box 751, Red Lake, ON  P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-728-0403

Deeper Roots Carpentry

General Carpentry, Decks & Remodeling, Log Furniture

Contact: Arthur Lyndaker 
Phone: 807-728-0904

Derek James Carpentry

Contact: Derek James, Licensed Carpenter
Phone: 807-728-1976

Draco (1985) Ltd.

Location: 7 Industrial Park St., Red Lake, ON
Contact: Kael Drager  
PO Box 340, Red Lake, Ontario  P0V 2M0 
Phone:  807-727-3223
Fax:  807-727-2283 

DS Construction

Contact: David Sonifrank
PO Box 1642, Red Lake, Ontario  P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-728-0142

Ducts Unlimited

Sheet Metal, Ventilation, Heating, Furnace System Design & A/C

Contact: Derek Kivela
Location: 17 Birch Lane, Madsen, ON, P0V 2C0
Phone: 807-749-3180
Fax: 807-749-3284

Ed Lundstrom Contruction

Foundations, Framing, Finishing, Ceramics, Rugs & Flooring

Contact: Ed Lundstrom
PO Box 645, Balmertown, ON P0V 1C0
Phone: 807-728-1973

Energy Tech Services

Red Lake Branch  Plumbing & Heating

Contact: Anice Skrzypek
PO Box 1350 Kenora, ON P9N 3X7
Phone:  807-735-2228
Fax: 807-468-4138

Green Acres Contracting

Location; 281 Hwy 105 (just South of Red Lake)
Contact: Alan Green 
PO Box 948, Red Lake, Ontario P0V 2M0 
Cell: 807-727-0239

Hamilton's Plumbing & Heating

Contact: Ian Hamilton
PO Box 1243, Red Lake, ON  P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-9068
Cell: 807-728-1657

Kustom F.I.T Window & Door

Exterior & Interior Renovations

Contact: Glen Nestie
Location: P.O. Box 1372, Red Lake, ON
Phone: 807-728-3168

Hasaga Crane Rentals

Location: 9 Paisck Crescent, Red Lake, ON
Contact: Gary Smith 
PO Box 441, Red Lake, Ontario. P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-2869 
Fax: 807-727-2457

Just Mechanical

Refrigeration - Air Conditioning & Heating

Location: 25 Elliot Street, Cochenour, ON
Contact: Greg Just
PO Box 23, Cochenour, Ontario  P0V 1L0
Phone: 807-728-0088

Kazz North Cutting

Tree Felling & Removal

Contact: Ian Kaczmarek
Phone: 807-727-2766
Address: 11 Young Street, Red Lake, ON

Ken Anderson Electric

Location: 16 Young Street, Red Lake, ON
Contact: Ken & Pam Anderson
PO Box 917, Red Lake, Ontario P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-2850
Phone toll free: 1-888-733-5253
Fax: 807-727-3130

Kevin Geary's Snow Removal

Contact: Kevin Geary
PO Box 742, Red Lake Ontario, P0V 2M0
Phone: 807 727 3081

LaFarge Canada

Location: #1 Shaft 3 Expansion Rd. Balmertown, ON 
Contact: Bob Aiken  
PO Box 426, Red Lake, Ontario. P0V 2M0 
Phone: 807-735-1274 
Fax: 807-735-1226


M.L. Yutzy Contracting

Roofing & General construction

Location:  67 Goldshore Road, Red Lake, ON
Contact:  Michael L. Yutzy
PO Box 457, Red Lake, Ontario  P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-7015

McCullough's Carpentry Ltd.

Contact: Jeremy McCullough
PO Box 34, Cochenour, ON P0V 1L0 
Phone: 807-727-7388

Morgan Brushings &Tree Service

Contact: Paul Morgan 
PO Box 1337, Red Lake, Ontario P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-2915

NGI - Northern Gas Installers

Location: 192 Howey Street, Red Lake, ON
Contact: Todd Gallagher
PO Box 1512, Red Lake, Ontario P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-2172
Cell: 807-728-5258
Fax: 807-727-2360

Otter Ride Seamless Gutter

Eavestrough & Window capping

Contact: Kevin Miller 
PO Box 428, Red Lake, Ontario P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-2458
Cell phone: 807-727-0403

Red Headed Waves

General labor, light duty trucking, Event and Party Specialist

Location: 7 Birch Street, Red Lake, ON
Contact: Michael Desforges
PO Box 04, Red Lake, Ontario P0V 2M0 
Phone: 807-727-0168

Red Lake Handyman

Contact: Richard Willis
PO Box 445, Red Lake, Ontario P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-464-2001 

Red Lake Plumbing & Heating

Location:  200 Hammell Road, Red Lake, ON
Contact: Richard or Tammy Cameron 
PO Box 1360, Red Lake, Ontario P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-2008 
Fax: 807-727-3754 

Shewchuk Enterprises Limited

Location: 20 Huston Place, Chukuni Subdivision, Red Lake, ON
Contact: Ted Shewchuk 
PO Box 1013, Red Lake, Ontario P0V 2M0 
Phone: 807-735-2801  
Fax: 807-735-2234

Skookum Subdivision Inc.

Landscaping, Gravel & Snow Removal

Contact: Dale Butterfield
PO Box 147, Red Lake, ON P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-3155

The Carpenters

Contact: Rudy Huetler 
PO Box 228, Red Lake Ontario P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-2507  
Fax: 807-727-3502

The Gas Man

Propane & Natural Gas Installation,
Service & Repair

Contact: Richard Wakefield
Address: 24 Birks Drive
Red Lake, ON, P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-728-0282

The Paint Pail

Residential or commercial painting

Contact: Donna Rolfe
Balmertown, Ontario P0V 1C0 
Phone: 807-727-0548 or 735-2731

Viking Electric

Location: 330 Howey St, Unit #1, Red Lake, ON
Contact: Andrew & Chris Fjeldsted
PO Box 229 Red Lake, ON P0V 2M0 
Phone: 807-727-8989
Fax: 807-727-8990 Email: 

Vito Tarantino Limited

Welding, fabricating & machine shop

Location:  #67 Hwy 105, Red Lake, ON
Contact: Vito Tarantino 
PO Box 1511, Red Lake, Ontario P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-3547
Fax: 807-727-3965 

Wilderness Woodbutchers Inc.

Wilderness Woodbutchers Inc. & Johnson's Glass

Location: 1B Irwin Drive, Red Lake ON 
Contact: Dean Martin
PO Box 1506, Red Lake, Ontario   P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-2222 
Fax: 807-727-2755

www. Salvage and Fuelwood

Contact: Wayne W. Wilson
Location: Cochenour (McMarmac), ON
Phone: 807-853-1798