Red Lake IGA

Dear Customers of Red Lake IGA: Covid-19 Information

We are taking steps to try and keep you, our valued customers, safe during this time. We are hand washing every 15 minutes. If you see your cashier leave his/her station it is to clean their hands. We have closed our Deli sliced meat counter to reduce human contact. The water dispensing machine is also closed. We are not issuing rain checks or accepting returns during this time. We are cleaning touch points as often as... possible.

We are offering to shop for senior customers or those at risk as well as those that are practicing self isolation. Call or email us for more details. Phone: 727-2855

Things you can do to help us keep our staff safe include:
*If you have been out of the country, self isolate for 14 days. Do not stop for groceries on your way home
*Watch for black tape on the floor as cues to keep distance between you, other customers and staff.
*Try and keep your household shopping to once per week and have one member of your family do the shopping
*If at all possible, do not bring your children to the store
?*Keep your time in the store as short as possible ?
?*Avoid visiting with friends or family while shopping
?*Pay with debit/credit instead of cash when possible
We really appreciate your cooperation during these difficult times. In order to keep providing this vital service, we need to stay healthy. The best practice for everyone is to assume they already have the disease and take every precaution not to pass it on to someone else.


Warren, Cindi & Your IGA Staff