Pakwash Lake Camp |  Pakwash Lake 

Pakwash Lake has long been known for its excellent fishing,
beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife.
It is also a place to relax and enjoy all
that the Northwestern Ontario wilderness has to offer.

Walleye fishing, northern pike fishing, smallmouth bass, &
the rare silver muskellunge, lake whitefish and yellow perch.
Fish and explore over 31,000 acres of water and 100 miles
of beach and rocky shoreline on four different lakes.
(Pakwash Lake, Bruce Lake, Camping Lake and Lost Lake)

Comfortable Cottages ~ Camp Store ~ Boat Launch & Docking
Fish House ~ Beaches

Family/ Group Rate
$250 / Night

2 Adults, Children Free
Cabin - House Keeping Equipped
50hp boat and motor rental, gas included

3 dozen Minnow Daily

Phone: 807-222-3353
Toll Free: 1-888-PAKWASH (725-9274)