KaBeeLo Lodge

As a KaBeeLo visitor
"enjoy the unspoiled beauty of nature'
an experience to cherish for a lifetime.
What better way is there
to escape from life's daily shuffle?"

 “Remote flyout package”
4 nights/3 days
Call for Canadian rates
up to 75% discount for kids!
Extra days can be added
Includes FOOD (steak, burgers, eggs, potatoes, onions etc.)

Choose from 13 lakes,
Private cabin on a Private lake
Fish for walleye & northern

Plane access ONLY to these lakes

Located 6 hour drive from Winnipeg


      What is KaBeelo?
      Video: https://youtu.be/lcUi17PwtYQ

      Phone: 800-233-2952
                  807-222-3246 (+fax)
      Email info@kabeelo.com
      Website: https://kabeelo.com/fishing/fishing-packages