Goldseekers Canoe Outfitting & Paddle Inn B&B
Wilderness and Walleye Backcountry Canoe Adventure

Fly into Woodland Caribou Provincial Park and explore by canoe
our 1.2 million acres of pristine, roadless,
never logged, virtually untouched wilderness.

A region so unique that it’s part of a UNSESCO World Heritage Site
known as
Pimachiowin Aki.  

Warm summertime prairie air masses make this one
of the
warmest, driest parks in Ontario,
Prairie influenced boreal forests shelter provincially rare species.
Lakes abound with 
walleye and wildlife
is lurking around every corner.

If you want this world all to yourself, call or email us
and let us introduce you to our backyard.

Offering 7-day Fly-in, Paddle-out self guided Canoe trips including
float plane charter, canoe, and ground transportation
starting at $645 CAD per person

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Text : (807) 728-0038
Phone: (807) 727-2353